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When translating and localizing, your dream of taking it to success sooner.

Telpers believes in the potency of language.

Language can turn a line into a mood. Paper into treatise. Idea into reality.

Our belief is simple: language should be precise. This is the cornerstone of all our translation and localization services. We believe there’s no such thing as a “minor” translation error, and so we prefer to weigh every single word until your entire message is refashioned in unerring form.
At Telpers, we have a diverse range of language specialists to ensure that the translation of a variety of documents across multiple disciplines is completed to each client’s satisfaction the very first time. We also field a line-up of technology experts who are specifically versed in South Korea’s IT, Blockchain, and Cryptoasset sectors.

We hope you’ll consider us when it’s time to globalize your business. Together we can expand your visibility and open up pathways to new levels of success.

Our Services

  • Legal & Financial

    Ensure precision and discretion for legal obligations and financial figures
    • Business Agreements, Contracts
    • Legal Memo, Comments
    • Terms, Privacy Policy
    • Financial Statements
    • Stock, Bond Reports
    • Analyst Reports
    • Other Legal & Financial Documents
  • Blockchain & IT

    Cope with new trends and terms in rapidly changing industry natures
    • Whitepaper, Website
    • Technical Manual
    • Crypto-currency Exchange
    • Marketing Materials
    • Press Release
    • Legal Documents
    • Other forms of contents related
  • Project

    Build the right pathway for your project to be splashed to Korea
    • Market Research & Analysis
    • Business & Investment Consulting
    • Contents Translation & Design
    • Online Marketing & Promotion
    • Offline Events Hosting
    • Connection with Key Industry Players
    • Other Service on Demand
  • Creative

    Touch your project to be most visible and to fascinate the audience
    • Website - Landing Page, Custom
    • Company Profile, Business Card
    • Product & Service Brochure, Manual
    • Events Mix - Web Page, Presentation Deck, Marketing Flyers, Banners, Online Advertising Page, etc.
    • Other Service on Demand

General Translation Services for Diverse Industries and Brands Worldwide

We believe that a professionalism goes far beyond literal translation of content, and every one of our translators are well-versed and attentive to detail Our ultimate goal is to produce the outcomes that are polished, insightful and effective enough to get the most attention from your audience.
  • Business & Corporation
  • Web & App Specific
  • Technological
  • Science & Medical

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